About Us: Guardian Home Care

Our Mission

At Guardian Home Care, our mission is to deliver high-level compassionate in-home care assistance to your loved one when you cannot be there yourself. We want families of our clients to have respite and peace of mind while we are delivering our home care services.

Our Vision

Guardian Home Care’s vision is “to be a leading provider of personalized home care services with care management that is second to none”.


Diversity: Refers to the unique characteristics that all of us possess that distinguish us as individuals and identify us as belonging to a group – includes race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, accent and more.

Inclusion: Creating an environment in which people have both the feeling and reality of belonging and can work to their full potential.

Equity: The practice of ensuring a fair, inclusive, and respectful treatment of all people.

Guardian Home Care Toronto


Our services give dignity and comfort to loved ones, and peace of mind for families. Look no further. You’ve found the right company to deliver the quality of care you’d want for yourself and for someone you love.

How we’ve evolved

The peace of mind of family members is just as important as the quality of care given to the client. Our role is to assist and empower the primary caregivers who are the clients’ family members, and in some cases, friends and neighbours and Powers of Attorney.  We don’t replace them, but we add to the kind of care that they can provide.

We see ourselves in partnership with families and others who are involved with our clients. We’ve developed techniques and procedures to keep family members informed of their loved one’s care.  We make ourselves as available as possible to discuss our clients care with those who love them and to be responsive to evolving needs, not just to the client, but in the whole network of care.

There might be the temptation to see the provision of homecare as ticking boxes of what tasks have been done, solely related to a client’s physical needs, but we’ve discovered over time that while meeting basic needs is essential, the real advantage of in-home care is the quality of interactive relationships that can grow to enrich the client’s life and to allow family members and loved ones to feel involved and supported.

Our Story

Families come to us in a state of crisis.  Often there is exhaustion, family conflict and disagreement on how to help mom and dad.  There can be obstacles that seem impossible to overcome like distance and demands of their own career and families.

We respond to the family while being the experienced caregivers; providing support and consistent care and advice while families are struggling to cope. Leave the hands-on professional caregiving to us and find relief and support in your time of need. This can allow families to step back and make decisions about care with less pressure and urgency.


Who we serve

There are several categories of client:

  1. Elderly people who are still independent, but who are needing a little assistance with housekeeping, meal preparation, and groceries to allow them to stay home. Such care often develops into more dependant personal care as the client ages.
  2. Someone of advanced age with mobility or memory issues who is having a difficult time looking after themselves. This may be gradual or brought on by a sudden illness or fall.
  3. Someone who needs constant supervision, but a spouse or adult child cannot always be there.
  4. Younger clients who need, because of an accident or illness, assistance with daily living.
  5. Younger clients in moderate or advanced stage of early onset dementia.
  6. People seeking palliative and end of life care.
  7. Assistance during a hospital stay. Hospital staff are stretched and patients can feel alone and neglected without a bedside caregiver.
  8. Post-op recovery.  The power of a one-on-one caregiver is amazing for post-operative recovery.  We’ve helped clients well into their 90s fully recover and have no further need for care.


What we are offering

The principle thing that we offer is one-on-one personalised care, given by a trained personal support worker (PSW) or nurse (RPN). Examples of the kind of care given include light housekeeping, assistance with bathing and toileting, meal preparation, assistance eating, dressing and incontinence care, laundry and linen change, calming anxieties throughout the night or daytime, recreation and companionship, and exercise help.

In delivering this care to your loved one, we are offering relief and peace of mind to you.


Who we’ve served

We would like to tell you how we’ve cared for former Canadian Prime Ministers, parents of Toronto rock stars, and cousins of Hollywood producers, but we won’t.   That is because when we serve you, we guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality with our clients.